Our Mission

We thrive to create as many new smiles as possible, by strengthen communities, educating each other on global awareness, while protecting the health of this planet and all who live here.
Bamboo releases over 35% more oxygen into the earth's atmosphere in comparison to an equivalent mass of trees. Bamboo also absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. It has been found that bamboo can absorb up to 12 tons of carbon dioxide per 2.5 acres in a single year. Bamboo also helps to prevent soil erosion and flooding, due to its extensive, strong root system. This makes bamboo one of the most planet-friendly substances in existence.
A study recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) found that at least 88% of the Earth’s ocean surface is polluted with plastic debris. These findings raise very large concerns surrounding plastic purchases vs plastic consumption, marine life, climate, and much more. Everything you purchase will one day be trash and will end up in one of two places... in a land fill or in the ocean. Switching to a bamboo toothbrush is a wonderful first step and a great daily reminder on your everyday choice in minimizing your amount in plastic purchases.
Bamboo and cotton were tested for how much bacteria they culture or killed over a 24-hour period, and since bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, it killed nearly 98% of the bacteria, while the cotton did not kill any. The benefits of this translate to less stinky and cleaner clothes, sheets, diapers, towels, and now toothbrushes.
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The Baboo team

Meet those who are making a daily difference.
Brandon Anderson
Brandon Anderson


Brandon believes "There's no better place than here no better time then now." Let us strengthening our local communities through awareness, gifting, and helping those in need to become self reliant.

    Kathleen Erwin
    Kathleen Erwin

    Chief Human Resources Officer

    Kathleen believes in "running towards your roar," making the very most in every situation, and  living richer and fuller lives by educating others on keeping a symbiotic agreement with our bodies and our planet.

      Andy Weinstein
      Andy Weinstein

      Operations Manager.

      Andy Believes "planting the right seeds" is one of the best ways to watch positivity grow.